Everybody is born free and equal.


“A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens but its lowest ones.” 

Nelson Mandela

Hi guys,

Many people have reached out to us asking how they can be part of the great work we are doing albeit remotely.

Today we  introduce an opportunity for everyone to be part of the work we do through the 30 days of hope campaign which  raises awareness about the plight of people living behind bars across various correctional facilities in Nigeria. We would also use this period to inform the public about  relevant innovations in the newly enacted Corrections Act 2019.

To participate, share with us a short story about a time when you visited a correctional facility in  Nigeria or your perception  about correctional facilities in Nigeria generally.

Send your story with your name and picture to letstalk@hopebehindbarsafrica.org or via whatsapp to Yemisi-08160018800.

Together we will shine the light in the darkest places.

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