Since 2018, we have dedicated our skills to providing quality legal representation to indigent pre-trial detainees. This includes supporting released inmates through initiatives that would predominantly give them a great start at life after incarceration. Notwithstanding the limited resources, our projects were largely coordinated by leveraging our active volunteer base, collaborations with local and international partners, and the organization’s founder’s professional network to achieve the organization’s objectives. Over 7,000 pre-trial detainees have benefited from the organization’s interventions in the past 5 years.

Our story commenced as far back as 1998 when our founder experienced the ills perpetrated by the justice system on low-income individuals during her father’s wrongful detention without trial.

Upon becoming a lawyer, our founder worked on some research projects and handled some criminal cases, which made her mobilize a movement of active lawyers and citizens who are acting to close the justice gap.

Learning from doing access to justice and representing about 400 pre-trial detainees in the past 4 years informed our new strategic direction, which emphasizes a system change approach. 

We find that true change will only come when we utilize a multi-pronged approach to address the justice inequalities that we have identified. Currently, our programs and campaigns incorporate right-holders, duty-bearers, and other stakeholders in the justice system.

Board of Trustees


To be a leading catalyst for correctional reforms and to co-create a criminal justice system hinged on the ideals of human rights and human dignity in Africa.


We are closing the justice gap using legal aid, direct support to incarcerated individuals, evidence-based advocacy and technology.


Human rights for all

We believe in the advancement of a just, peaceful and equitable society that puts humanity first based on the universal fundamental principles of the international humanitarian law and the human rights conventions.


We are open and accountable to the people and partners we serve, transparently sharing our results, stories and lessons. Integrity is embedded at the core of what we do. Open data and Open Justice is at the premise of our work.


We empower our direct beneficiaries to take charge of their lives irrespective of their circumstances. Our team is empowered to bring about the change we seek.

Pursuit of Excellence

We pursue excellence in everything we do.

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