About us


Through our work, Christopher who would have been given the death penalty for a crime he did not commit after awaiting trial for 6 years is a free man today. Today, Christopher volunteers with our organisation and has been working as a maintenance engineer in a company since 2019. We have helped several others like him and we would continue to use our actions and voices to help build a truly reformed criminal justice system.


To promote human rights for all, ensure that justice is accessible to the disadvantaged behind bars and to empower them with opportunities to change their lives.


To be a beacon of hope to the unjustly incarcerated and a voice for criminal justice reforms using action, education and advocacy.

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ACCESS TO JUSTICE for the indigent and unjustly incarcerated-

We provide access to justice and legal representation to indigent awaiting trial inmates by working with trained law students and young lawyers who offer probono services to indigent inmates who we meet during prison visits. We leverage technology through our app “connectlawyer” to connect probono lawyers to indigent inmates across Nigeria. Our Capital Trial Clinic caters for the specific legal needs of indigent pre-trial detainees facing capital charges.

EMPOWERMENT for proper rehabilitation and re-intergration of inmates-

for proper rehabilitation and re-intergration of inmates-
We are committed to building opportunities for the incarcerated to have a better life behind bars through empowering them to take charge of their life while in prison and as they return to the society to reduce recidivism.


EDUCATION for advocacy and criminal justice reforms:

We engage in educating Law clinic students and young lawyers; law enforcement officers and the judiciary towards building a criminal justice system that is restorative and truly reformed.



  • Women in prison
  • Children in conflict with the Law
  • Inmates living with disability
  • Other indigent inmates


  • Officers in the criminal justice system
  • Legal service providers
  • Judiciary


Human rights for all

We believe in the advancement of a just, peaceful and equitable society that puts humanity first based on the universal fundamental principles of the international humanitarian law and the human rights conventions.


We are open and accountable to the people and partners we serve, transparently sharing our results, stories and lessons. Integrity is embedded at the core of what we do.


We provide an environment that fosters development and empowers our team to be able to compete globally. We also empower the people we serve to take charge of their lives even whilst in prison.

Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence is the hallmark of what we do.