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Accused of conspiracy and stealing

Osas, Daniel, Aigbe, and Osahon were imprisoned in the Edo State police cell for several months. They were accused of conspiracy and stealing. The Lawyer for Hope Behind Bars Africa presented a defence on their behalf, which led to their arraignment in court on July 2, 2021. After they entered a not guilty plea, the Lawyer continued by pleading with the complainant to drop the charges because the defendants had already served a significant amount of time in the cell for the very minor crime they had committed. When the complainant learned of this, she decided to drop the accusations, and the defendants were released.

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Hope behind Bars Africa secured the unconditional release of another young Nigerian. Ike was arrested in 2015 and charged for stealing a laptop. With a father who was late and a mother struggling to make ends meet, 21-year old Ike had no one to assist him pay a lawyer’s fees. Ike was released on 26th June, 2019. We commenced rehabilitation and re-integration sessions with him and he is pictured here with our very own Osarieme Omoruyi who met him in prison and took up the case from start to finish.

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a bricklayer was charged with Stealing, Criminal trespass, breaking and entry. The defendant was alleged to have stolen money belonging to his friend by entering the friend’s room without permission. David did not have any representation and he requested for a lawyer. The court directed the Registrar of the court to contact HBBA. The moment HBBA took up the case, Isaac saw and appreciated our diligence and commitment to ensuring that he got the best legal service that a lawyer could offer. He was overwhelmed with joy when he was told that he would not go back to the Correctional facility.  Isaac was discharged and acquitted. David said “the moment Barrister Emmanuel took up my case, I knew that I would go home. I appreciate his diligence, encouragement and love throughout when he represented me”.



Micheal case was a civil matter that was given criminal colouration.

In the IPO’s Investigation Report, he admitted that Micheal was negligent in handling the Keke given to him by the Complainant on hire purchase but the IPO went ahead to charge him for stealing.

All the parties stated in their Statements to the Police that Micheal parked the said Keke in his compound before it was stolen. Our Lawyer was prepared to take the Complainant before the Prosecutor informed the Court that the Complainant had resolved to withdraw the charges.  Micheal was discharged yesterday after the Nominal Complainant informed the Court that he had resolved to withdraw the Charge and he did.

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Adamu was remanded in 2016 and charged with kidnapping. He was held behind bars with no charge, no trial, and no file. Our team pleaded his case before the Chief Judge and Adamu was released. Our lawyer drove him to the Hausa community in Edo State. He shed tears with the few Hausa indigenes he made acquaintances with and narrated to them how he was forcefully taken and threatened to admit an offence he did not commit We received a call from Adamu the next day where he told us he connected with his brother in another part of Edo State and they are making arrangements to go back to Kastina. We will keep following up to ensure that he is fully reintegrated into the community.