Support For People Behind Bars Program

Support For People Behind Bars Program

Incarceration is not the end of life.

Several of our previously incarcerated beneficiaries are living full lives years after leaving prison.

The true objective of corrections is to make a better person out of anyone who passes through its system.

We work collaboratively with the Nigerian Correctional service to curate interventions that will provide empowerment, rehabilitation and reentry support to incarcerated persons.

 Here is what our Support for People Behind Bars Program looks like:

Made in Corrections

Made in Corrections is Nigeria’s first social enterprise behind bars. We provide vocational training opportunities to women and young persons in Suleja Custodial Centre and help them to make money from behind bars. In 2020, the German Embassy in Nigeria paid 10 incarcerated women the minimum wage to produce reusable facemasks.

COVID-19 Intervention

As the pandemic hit in 2020, we received funding from Citi and LEAP Africa to provide emergency welfare intervention to incarcerated persons in Keffi and Oko custodial centres reaching over 3,000 inmates and officers. We were also recipients of the COVID-19 Grassroots Justice fund which helped expand the frontiers of support for incarcerated women.

Welfare Interventions

Since 2018, we have carried out several welfare interventions at various correctional centres which involved the distribution of food, clothing, and medical and hygiene items to over 7,000 inmates.

Back on Track

Back on Track is our reentry project which focuses on supporting the beneficiaries of our access to justice project to ensure that they do not return to crime and to kill recidivism.

Rights Behind Bars

An incarcerated person is denied certain rights due to the custodian judgment passed on him or her by a court of law. They are specifically subjected to restraint of movement and can, therefore, not have total assurance of enjoyment of the freedom of personal liberty under the law. We are currently advocating for inmates' right to vote in the forthcoming 2023 elections.