Aisha was married off to a man 3 times her age in a small village in Nasarawa state when she was 13. As a child bride, she would often run away only to be dragged back to her husband’s house where she had to endure spousal rape, lashings and even the loss of her child.

About 3 years after her marriage, she had an altercation with her rival which led her to run away again. Before her return, her rival’s child fell into an open well and lost her life. When Aisha returned, she was accused of killing her step-daughter and the local security men were summoned. She was taken away to the city and handed over to the police who wrote a confessional statement for her and misrepresented her age.



Access to Justice

7 out of every 10 incarcerated persons are awaiting trial.

Evidence shows that more indigent persons are at risk of awaiting trial longer than mandated.

Support for People Behind Bars

Several of our previously incarcerated beneficiaries are living full lives years after leaving prison.

The true objective of corrections….

Open Justice

Open justice applies the principles of open government – transparency, civic participation, and public accountability – to the justice system. We believe that these principles are  

Legal Empowerment

Corrections will not be congested with several unnecessary cases if people had the right legal information at their tips or know who to talk to when they have a legal problem.

Our Impact

Using a data-driven approach, Hope Behind Bars Africa tracks the impact of its work in Nigeria. We ensure that we communicate how we support our beneficiaries citizens, support stakeholders and help strengthen the Nigeria’s Criminal Justice system. Follow our impact here.

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