We envision a society that protects the dignity of every individual, upholds justice for all, and fosters safer communities.


We are closing the justice and re-offending gap using diversionary measures, preventive actions, legal support, evidence-based advocacy and technology

Our Theory of Change

Nigerian criminal justice system unfairly impacts the economically vulnerable, causing widespread rights violations from law enforcement to imprisonment. This systemic injustice contributes to a surge in awaiting trial syndrome, overcrowded prisons, and increased recidivism, exacerbated by a lack of effective reformation and rehabilitation efforts within an unsupportive correctional environment.

At the core of our solution is a people-centred approach that diverts individuals who have no business being in prison away from the system and prioritises creating an enabling correctional environment that fosters reformation and reduces recidivism. This is crafted innovatively around the 3 P’s – Prevent, Provide and Preserve.


 We use preventive justice, restorative justice and other filtering measures to stop unnecessary entry into the criminal justice system.


We provide a technology-driven pro-bono system that creatively employs alternative dispute resolution methods for criminal cases. We also design model empowerment and rehabilitative interventions to foster the reformation and reintegration of justice-impacted persons.


We deepen collaborative efforts with diverse components of the criminal justice system, community leaders, and other stakeholders to promote sustainability and encourage collective ownership of the solution.

Funke HBBA Founder

Our Founder’s Story

Oluwafunke Adeoye

Executive Director

Our founder’s childhood was adversely impacted by the criminal justice system in Nigeria, as her father endured detention for a crime that he did not commit. Motivated by a desire for change, she chose to pursue a legal education to confront the inequities inherent in the justice system. Oluwafunke has a background in law from the University of Benin and is currently a Commonwealth scholar at the University of Oxford. She has worked as a lawyer for over a decade, combining innovation and brilliance with the mission to create systemic change. ‘Funke is an alumnus of the Non-Profit Management Programme at Lagos Business School and the Civic Leadership Program at the University of Georgia being one of the top 1% Africans selected as a 2023 Mandela Washington Fellow. She is also a 2023 Acumen West Africa and was honoured with the prestigious Global Citizen Waistliz Prize in 2023.

Hassan Nurudeen

Program Manager

Grace Eche

Operations Manager

Emmanuel Okorie

Legal Officer - Edo state

Obinna Ejiogu

Senior Communications Officer

Peace Mbekap

Finance Officer

Core Values

Human rights

Our unwavering commitment to ‘human rights for all’ is a testament to our belief in the inherent dignity and equality of every person, driving our efforts to advocate for equity and fairness in the criminal justice system.


Embracing openness, we cultivate a culture of transparency, inclusivity, integrity and honest communication, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued in our journey towards a more equitable world.


We prioritize partnership, uniting with government bodies, private entities, and internal teams to enhance impact. Strong, collaborative relationships amplify our collective efforts in justice advocacy.


We enable individuals to take control of their lives, foster self-reliance, and equip them with the skills needed to rebuild their lives.


Our commitment to excellence reflects in our dedication to delivering the highest quality of service and support to those we serve, understanding that excellence is not a destination, but a journey of constant learning and growth.

Our Board

Stanley Ibe

Gabriel Okeowo

Nguemo Uja

Winnie Ishaku

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