The Inside-Out Hub (3R Program)

The Problem

There is a significant gap in the rehabilitation, reformation, and reintegration support for female inmates and young male inmates nearing the end of their prison terms in Nigeria. Many of these inmates are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. They lack access to counselling, skill development, and educational opportunities that are critical for successful re-entry into society and vital for reducing recidivism.

The Solution

The Inside-out Hub is dedicated to the rehabilitation, reformation, and reintegration of female prisoners and low-risk male inmates with less than three years of their sentence remaining. Collaborating with the Nigerian Correctional Service and other stakeholders, the Center focuses on creating in-prison opportunities for inmates to acquire in-demand skills, and educational advancement to improve their entrepreneurial abilities. Additionally, the program integrates teachings on behavioural modification, life skills and uses policy influencing to create system change.


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Indigent Incarcerated Individuals supported
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Correctional Facilities Engaged

Ongoing Projects

  • The Entrepreneurship and Reentry Fellowship
  • The Tech Start Project
  • Women Prisoners New Pathways Project
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