The Aisha Justice Program (Gender and the Criminal Justice System)

The Problem

Extensive systemic discrimination is evident in Nigeria’s criminal justice system, impacting women and other vulnerable groups. This discrimination results from the lack of implementation of gender-sensitive approaches to both policing and correctional practices. Our organization witnessed the consequences of this gap in the case of Aisha, a 15-year-old child bride who endured police misuse of power and a three-year pretrial detention for an offence she did not commit.

The Solution

We conduct research to identify systemic gender disparities within the criminal justice system. By leveraging this research, we aim to influence policy changes and design programs that prioritize the rights and equitable treatment of women and other vulnerable groups including victims of crimes. This approach will empower the state to address existing disparities, promote gender-sensitive policies, and ensure a fair and inclusive criminal justice system for all.


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Indigent Incarcerated Individuals supported
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Justice stakeholders engaged
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Incarcerated Women Empowered
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Correctional Facilities Engaged

Ongoing Projects

    • Collaborative Research  Project on the Health of Women in Correctional Facilities with The George Institute. 
    • The Entrepreneurship and Reentry Program for Female Inmates.
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